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Wonder Laser Product Line 

Fiber laser metal cutting system

Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Fiber laser hand welding system

Fiber laser hand welding system

Laser Rust Remover

Laser Rust Remover

Channel Letter Bender

Channel Letter Bender


A reliable laser cutting & welding machine supplier

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Does your business searching for a reliable supplier of high quality laser systems for cutting & welding? And what is an ideal laser machine?

A quality built laser welding & cutting machine needs to be precise, reliable, and backed by knowledgeable friendly support. Wonder laser systems meet these standards at a price that’s affordable.

Wonder laser Technical and R&D Department

Technical and R&D Department

Established in 2008, Wonder laser committed to designing and manufacturing highest quality of standard and custom fiber laser cutter and welder, which including highly complex automated systems for metal laser cutting machine & pipe cutting machine. Over years development, we become the leader in the cutting and welding industry in China.

As true laser machine experts , we don’t have a one size fits all approach. Instead, our experienced engineers, technicians, and staff carefully analyze our customer’s needs and applications and find the best laser solution.


Your satisfaction is our motivation

Why Wonder Laser

Best laser marking machine manufacturer in China

over 10 years experience
more than 1800 customers worldwide
around 2600 sets of machines distributed
almost 70% machines installed aboard
65 Employees with 80% are bachelor degree
optimization of over 20 craft tech details
48 hours running test, 72 hours aging test
9 production processes to ensure product quality
720 days warranty,lifetime technical support

Quality Control

Wonder Laser Quality Control Process

Wonder Laser production flow


Different types of laser machines

There are different types of  laser machines in our company.Finding the right solutions will maximize the potential benefits of your business.

Laser metal cutting machine

Wonder Laser’s fiber laser cutting machines are a must-have if you’re looking for quick and accurate cuts on sheets of metal. Metal fabrication shops and companies can drastically improve the efficiency of production and lower operating costs with our fiber laser metal cutters.

Fiber laser metal cutting system
Fiber laser hand welding system

Laser welding machine for metal

The revolutionary handheld laser welding machine is small, lightweight and mobile. No need to hire a professional welder and maintenance-free. It is a secret weapon for you to achieve profitability in the future!

Channel letter bender

CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine is an excellent sign making equipment which can make perfect channel letters effectively with less workers. It can bend Aluminum,Stainless steel,Galvanized iron with automatically feeding,slotting and high speed. It a very good choice for advertising business,like logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising and other advertising production.

Channel letter bender
Laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine

The operation of the industrial laser cleaning machine is simple, when connecting the power and opening the equipment, cleaning function can be carried out without chemical reagent, medium, dust, water. Handheld laser rust remover also can automatic focusing and surface cleaning. Not only that, handheld laser surface cleaner can clear surface resin, grease, dirt, stains, objects burning, coating, embroidered paint.


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Wonder laser’s Sales Network 

Asia: Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, , Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Israel.

South America: Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay;

North America: Canada, the United States, Mexico;

Europe: Russia, Germany, UK, France, Poland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria, Turkey.

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.

Africa: Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria.