A. Permanent Processing/Labeling Laser marking is perfect for manufacturing history, process management, and other critical information. It will not wear off or peel off because it is marked directly into the product.
B. High Quality, Fine Detail Processing and Marking This no-contact technology minimizes damage to the product and allows high-quality detailed processing and marking.
C. High-Speed Processing/Marking: High Productivity Laser marking is both faster and easier than other kinds of processing/marking. It contributes more to productivity than other methods.
D. Operating Cost: Electric Bill There is no need for periodic maintenance, no ink to refill, no cleaning to be done, no blade to change or sharpen. The electric bill is really just about the only operating cost.
E. Wide Range of Materials and Processing Some possible materials include metals, plastics/resins, plastic film, and so on. (Different laser markers and specifications are required for some materials.) Labeling data can include logos, graphics, model numbers, serial numbers, 2D codes, and more.

F. Environment-friendly Processing/Marking There is no ink, and therefore no solvent; no adhesive label, and therefore no backing paper, no waste disposal.