Laser marking is a great way to mark on foods instead of traditional printing labels. This natural label is a safe, toxin-free, environmentally friendly and efficient. It can save tons of label & backing paper .

which food can be used for laser marking?
• (organic) fruits, such as apples, bananas, pineapples, etc.
• (organic) vegetables, such as cucumbers, squash, potatoes, etc.
• baked goods (bread)
• meats and sausages
• many other types of foods
Natural branding can be done used on almost all food products. Laser marking is a non-contact marking, it has no impact on the quality, taste or shelf life of the food.
The advantage of laser marking on food:
Environmentally friendly natural branding of (organic) foods:
Since organic foods have gained in popularity, direct marking on fruits and vegetables eliminates the need for environmentally damaging plastic packaging is more popular. With natural branding allows for the safe labeling of information on these foods to indicate that they are organic, and the manufacturer’s or dealer’s logo is also often applied.
Labeling of foods with product information:
Foods can also be directly marked with variable content using a laser marker. Food manufacturers or distributors can quickly and easily add important product information such as date, origin, harvest or production date with text, numbers and codes.
Food marking for advertising purposes
Laser marking food is also used for advertising and branding purposes in many areas. You can label an apple with your company logo and distribute it at an event, engrave Easter eggs, or decorate a loaf of bread with the baker’s logo. The possibilities are virtually endless.