Dear Wonder Laser User

When winter comes, people need to add clothes, and fiber optic equipment should also pay attention to freezing. Icing can cause serious damage to the laser source, cutting heads and other related parts. Equipment damage caused by icing is not covered by the warranty. In order to avoid huge losses, please be sure to take antifreeze measures.

The following schemes are available:

1. There are heating facilities inside the plant to ensure that the equipment’s ambient temperature is above 10 ° C.

2. If there is absolutely no power off in the local area, do not turn off the refrigerator at night to ensure that the cooling water is in circulation and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

3. After finish work every day, completely drain the cooling water in the laser, refrigerator, cutting head (or welding head) pipe, and the discharged cooling liquid can be sealed and stored in a clean container.

4. when the use environment often powers off or does not have the conditions to drain the coolant every day, you must add antifreeze to the water tank to prevent freezing. It is not recommended to use automobile antifreeze or ethanol for antifreeze treatment. Both of the antifreeze above has the risk of corrosive laser!

It is recommended to use CLARIAN (T Clariant) brand Antifrogen N antifreeze. Stir evenly according to the ratio of 40% antifreeze liquid and 60% pure water and add it to the refrigerator water tank. Freeze protection. If the temperature is lower than -25 ℃, please contact our after-sales.

When the equipment is not used for a long time or the power is off, please drain the water in the refrigerator water tank and the laser.

Drainage steps:

1. Unplug the low-temperature return pipe and normal-temperature return pipe of the refrigerator into the water storage container, turn on the refrigerator, and let the water inside the refrigerator water tank actively flow into the water storage container, and turn off the refrigerator until there is no large amount of water flowing out.

2. Drain the residual cooling water inside the cutting head (welding head). Pull out the inlet and outlet pipes connected to the cutting head (welding head), and blow the water inside the cutting head (welding head) with pure compressed air or nitrogen of not more than 0.4Mpa (within 4 kg) until no water flows out;

3. Drain the residual cooling water inside the laser. Pull out the laser inlet and outlet water pipes, and let in the gas to discharge the residual water;

4. Finally, drain the remaining water from the water tank of the refrigerator through the drain port, check the drain pipe or drain screw at the bottom of the refrigerator water pump, open it, and drain the cooling water inside the water pump to ensure that the water pump is not frozen.

After the temperature rises, please drain the antifreeze in the equipment, refill with pure water and run for about two hours, then drain again, clean the internal pipes to avoid clogging, and run the equipment normally after adding pure water again.

Customers are requested to take anti-freezing measures in winter in accordance with the appeal instructions to avoid unnecessary losses. If you have any questions, please contact our company on time, thanks.