A good quality fiber laser cutting machine, in the process of using, the processed products are exquisite, and can not tolerate problems, long service life, then how to judge the quality of small and medium power laser cutting machine?

Open style metal laser cutting machine

Not only depends on the overall configuration of the machine, but also on the assembly accuracy of the machine. These are mainly reflected in the verticality, flatness, positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and other parameters of the equipment. The perpendicularity between the axes mainly affects the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. The typical performance of the XY axis with a large verticality is that the diagonals of the rectangle are not equal. The typical verticality of the Z-axis and the XY plane is that the flat-blade milling plane is used. When the surface is not flat; the flatness mainly affects the difficulty of leveling the sheet and the workpiece. Be sure to pay attention to the following points:

After the assembly and debugging of the machine is completed, the cutting machine surface should be flattened to ensure the flatness; the positioning accuracy affects the dimensional error of the workpiece, which is mainly determined by the precision of the lead screw, the compensation ability of the control system, and the change of the ambient temperature. When the machining range exceeds 300 mm, the influence of positioning accuracy on the workpiece size must be considered; the repeated positioning accuracy mainly affects multi-tool machining and multi-step machining. The cutting machine is generally driven by a roller screw, and there is no creeping phenomenon, so micro feed can be realized. The repeat positioning accuracy is mainly determined by the control accuracy.

Fiber laser metal cutting system

The rack drive cutter is less accurate than the screw drive cutter. Only the above-mentioned indicators can meet the requirements to be a qualified low-power laser cutting machine. These precisions are mutually dependent on each other, and one failure will affect another precision of the machine. If the machine is not up to standard, then the processed things are definitely less accurate.

The most important thing is to find a reliable laser cutting machine manufacturer so that the quality can be guaranteed, and there is no worry for the after-sales service.