With the increasingly competitive market, many products are fake, many consumers are also deceived by counterfeit products. Counterfeiting is a multi-billion-dollar market that affects companies across a wide range of industries. From designer purses and watches to food and wine, anyone’s business can be affected.

Lasers are unique in that they can be utilized for a variety of industries in many ways, but in terms of anti-counterfeiting actions the most popular way is through the laser marking, engraving or etching of products.

These processes can be performed on anything from car parts to medical devices, and may even be required by law, depending on the marking and the industry. It’s important for manufacturers to know and understand product and packaging requirements, but compliance isn’t the only benefit to laser marking.


Other companies throughout the food and beverage industry have since started utilizing laser marking machines for their own purposes, including to reduce their environmental footprint and packaging waste.

There have also been cases in which wineries and distilleries have used laser etching to mark the brand’s name, age, and cask, along with a unique serial number to ensure legitimacy to consumers.

In other instances, lasers have been used to mark the packaging of pharmaceuticals to combat the counterfeit drug market.

One of the benefits of laser marking and engraving products is the versatility of the laser systems. These systems can be used on a multitude of surfaces, which enables manufacturers to create labels or marks on anything from wine bottles to electronics.


With laser marking systems’ versatility, manufacturers who invest in the systems gain an anti-counterfeiting solution that will benefit their products in a variety of ways.