In the automobile industry “safety” is in demand above all else. In an industry such as this, a high level of history management and process control have always been pursued. Many automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers have stressed the importance of establishing traceability through the use of 2D code marking. The “necessity of marking” has not only been used for major components, but is steadily spreading to the individual parts used in the construction of automobiles, including over 20,000 parts at present. Considering this, a direct parts marking method using “laser markers” is being adopted at an increasing rate. The “laser marking” method provides advantages such as marks that are tamper proof, marks that do not fade, and low running costs. this article focuses on laser marking a lot of applications in the automotive industry.

  1. Laser marking suitable for body labels, engine labels, VIN code labels, bar code labels, car key labels, fuel tank labels, airbag warning labels, tire pressure labels, air conditioning labels, cooling system labels, car start control labels, door tags.
  2. Laser marking on the car glass
  3. Laser marking on the car arc
  4. 2D code marking


It is worth mentioning that the application of laser marking two-dimensional code in the quality tracing system of auto parts and supporting industries has become more and more popular and has become a consistent demand of a wide range of customers in the automotive industry. The promulgation of laws and regulations in the field of vehicle safety has put forward higher requirements on the quality control of automobile vehicles, parts and components and related products.