1.Maintenance of welding machine

Notice: Before inspecting the welding machine, please be sure that the power is off.

1. Do inspections regularly.
For example, check whether the cooling fan rotates smoothly when the welding machine is powered on.
whether there are abnormal vibrations, sounds, and odors.
whether there is leakage of gas.
whether the joints and insulation of the welding wire are loose or peeling.
Is there any abnormal heat generation at the wiring site?

2. Because the welding machine is air cooling, it is easy to suck dust from the surroundings and accumulate in the machine. So we can use clean and dry compressed air to clean the dust inside the welding machine regularly. In particular, the gaps between transformers, reactor coils and coils, and power semiconductors should be cleaned.

3. Regularly check the wiring locations of the power. Check whether the screws are loose. When rusting, remove the rust to make the contact conductive.

4. Long-term use of the welding machine will cause the shell to deform, rust and damage, and internal parts will wear away. Therefore, during the annual maintenance and inspection, replacement of defective parts and repair of the shell and insulation deterioration are required. The defective parts should be replaced at once during maintenance to ensure the performance of the welding machine.

Regular maintenance and inspections can reduce the occurrence of welding failures. Although it takes some time and effort, it can extend the life of the welding machine, improve the efficiency of the operation, ensure the performance of the welding machine and improve safety. It is an important content that can not be ignored in welding work.