Project Description

Fiber laser tube cutting machine


Round Pipe


Square Tube


Tube wall thickness



1000w ~ 6000w power optional, cutting thickness is related to laser power

Tube / Pipe Laser cutting machine

WL-G is the professional pipe & tube cutting machine. It is suitable for all tubes, pipes, and shaped-tubes, including round tube, square pipe, oval tube, angle iron, channel beams, H beams, T beams, and other irregularly shaped tubes. Compared with traditional tube cutting machines, it can increase the working efficiency and reduce the procedures of manual operations by optional functions automatic loading.

1. This pipe laser cutting machine has the function of automatic positioning: only need to feed manually to complete the cutting, it is an ideal, efficient and convenient cutting machine for metal pipe laser cutting.

2. The laser pipe cutter covers a small area, the structure of the tube laser cutter is precise and beautiful, and the work is solid and firm.

3. Suitable for pipe laser cutting, such as coat hanger tube, mop pipe, mosquito net pipe, curtain tube and so on.

4. The operation of the pipe laser cutting machine is simple and no professional training is needed. The speed of the tube laser cutter is very high and the output is more than 5 times that of manual operation.

5. Fast speed: no deformation and burr of incision, the speed of the laser pipe cutter is up to 1 second spent on each cutting.

6. The laser pipe cutter has a better effect in cutting thin circular pipes, with super low cost, no noise, and no dust.

7. High flexibility: There are many types of cutting pipes, such as round pipe, square tube, flat tube and so on. The laser pipe cutter can also support three-dimensional machinings such as pipe laser cutting, punching, hollow carving and bevel cutting.

8. Equipped with multiple different auxiliary gas inputs, automatic conversion of high and low pressures and different gases.

The laser pipe cutting machine is mainly used for pipe processing in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, oil screen tubes, lamps and lanterns, automotive exhaust pipes and so on.

ModelWL-G laser tube cutting machine
Fiber LasersIPG, Germany/Raycus / SPI
Output power1000W/ 1500W /2000W/ 2500W/3000W/4000W/5000W/6000W
Input voltage380V±10% 50/60Hz, 3 phase
X-axis stroke500mm
Y-axis stroke7000mm
Z-axis stroke400mm
Max. X/Y axis positioning speed80m/min
Max. X/Y axis acceleration1.0G
Max. Tube weight20Kg/M
Automatic feeding system

Automatic feeding system-Optional

1. Round pipe, rectangular pipe, etc. can be fully loaded without manual intervention. The shaped pipe can be manually assisted and semi-automatic feeding.
2. Support the maximum loading material bundle 800*800mm
3. The maximum weight is 2.5 tons.
4. The total width of the feeding robot and the frame and the conveying section of the strip is controlled at 2200mm, the total height is controlled at 2300mm, and the height is not more than 2500mm, which ensures that the container can be integrated into the container.
5. The feeding belt support frame is easy to disassemble.
6. The structure of the feeding robot main body and the chain conveying link structure is integrated, which is convenient for debugging and transportation.

Electric chuck

1.The chuck rotates at a speed of up to 120 rpm

2.Easy to adjust

3.High hardness bearing steel

4.High sealing, preventing cutting residue and dust from entering the interior,

Electric chuck
Laser source of Wonder Laser

Raycus/IPG/SPI/MAX Fiber laser source

  • High output power
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Compact design and durability
  • High electro-optic conversion efficiency
  • External computer connection port
  • Adapt to high-reflection material cutting

Imported Raytool laser head— Auto focus, free your hands

Stable light, good durability.
Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by the machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in the cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal,enhance cutting accuracy.

Raytool laser head

Pipe&tube metal laser machine cutting sample

metal tube laser cutting sample
metal tube laser cutting sample
metal pipe laser cutting sample
metal pipe laser cutting sample