Project Description

Industrial portable inkjet marking machine

Thermal Inkjet Quad core 1.4Hz.

300 DPI High-Resolution Inkjet Coding Print / Removable Battery.

International design, imported core components and consumables.

 IP54 protection grade, steady performance under poor working co

3.5inch LED touch screen operation system.

Built-in graphics editor, editing LOGO easily.

Two size nozzles (12.7/25.4mm) available.

Thermal Inkjet quad-core 1.4HZ.

3.5Inch LED touch screen operation system.

300 DPI high-resolution inkjet coding

Removable battery.

Printing material can be metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes, and building materials surface.
Code, date, batch number and other content can be printed in a different kind of packaging.
Widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement, and other industries.
Can print on porous surfaces(such as ordinary cardboard boxes, templates, textiles, etc.) and non-porous surfaces(such as bags, tubing, glossy cardboard, etc.).

NozzleTIJ 2.5 Thermal foaming nozzle
Operating systemLinux
CPUQuad-core 1.4Hz
LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic
Shape featuresstainless steel case
Printing height2-12.7mm (UK1) /2-25.4mm (UK2)
Printing distance2-5mm
Print contentText, time, batch number, serial number, logo, QR code, bar-code
Storagethe system can store more than 1000 message (external USB

make the information transfer in a freeway)

Printing length2000 characters for each message, no limitation on length
Ink colorBlack, white, red, yellow, blue, green
External interfaceUSB, Photoelectric interface
VoltageDC16.8 lithium battery(2600mAh*4), work more than 4 hours and 8 hours standby


the average power consumption is lower than 5W
Printing materialboard, carton, stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic product, electronic, the fiberboard, light steel keel, aluminum foil, etc.

Product Show

Handheld inkjet printer details

Product Advantages:

1. Dual Functions:
Can be used online or handheld.
2. Large capacity storage
You can edit logo, image, dot matrix fonts and special symbols as needed, then import through a USB disk, which is quick and convenient.
3. Multilingual system
Chinese, English, Korea, Arabic language system.
4. Colorful ink system
Black, Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue ink cartridge.
5. Touch screen operating system
As the latest computer input device, the touch screen is the simplest, convenient and natural human-computer interaction.

Advantages of handheld inkjet printer

Applications of Handheld inkjet printer:

Application of handheld inkjet printer

Samples Marking by our handheld inkjet printer:

handheld inkjet printer samples

Customers test machine on exhibitions:

handheld inkjet printer

Difference between Thermal inkjet printer and Continuous inkjet printer:

handheld inkjet printer