Project Description

Laser rust cleaning machine is a new developed technology in recent years.The use of lasers as metal surface cleaning has just been developed in recent years, laser beams in manufacturing have been widely used in welding, drilling, cutting and metal surface treatment.In recent years, laser cleaning technology has quietly risen in all fields. Laser cleaning is the preferred metal mold cleaning process. Compared with the traditional sandblasting and dry ice cleaning, the laser rust removal machine has the advantages of good cleaning effect, small mold damage, low comprehensive cost and no environmental pollution.

High-Tech non-contact cleaning: No need any chemical liquid, no consumables, environmental protection;

Imported high-speed motors from USA

Small size, light weight, high speed, high precision and good stability

Unique self-developed spiral cleaning mode.

More uniform cleaning surface, WITHOUT zebra crossing compare with traditional laser cleaning.

No any damage to substrate of components;

Adjustable cleaning size and precise location;

Professional laser cleaning optical design:

High damage threshold of scanning mirror and F-theta lens;

Continuously long-time working more than 10 hours;

High cleaning efficiency and safety

Simple structure, Auto-focus, easy to operate,

Automated cleaning by hand-held or work with manipulator;

Metal surface rust,

Surface paint stripping treatment,

Surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning,

Surface coating, coating removal,

Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment,

Stone surface dust and attachments removed,

Rubber mold residue cleaning.

Output power100W/120W/200W
Clean Length1mm to 100mm
Cleaning speed1-1000mm/s
Focus LengthF=254±25mm


Cleaning ability15M²/Hour



Drift for a long time<0.5mRad
The maximum scan angle±15°
Repeat accuracy8μRad
CoolingAir Cooling
Cable Length3m to 6m(optional)
Laser Rust Remover Machine For Metal Cleaning
Laser cleaning machine
wonder laser package

Pre-Sales Service

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After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

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