Project Description

Tube and sheet laser cutter with safety cover


Carbon Steel


Stainless Steel


Round Pipe


Square Tube

1000w ~ 6000w power optional, cutting thickness is related to laser power

Multi-purpose Metal Sheet and Pipes Fiber Laser Cutter

The WL-D laser cutter is able to cut tubes and sheets with no extra costs associated with the purchase of two machines, as well as saving the space occupied by two machines. No additional configurations are needed to complete changeover between tubes and sheets, which maximizes the working efficiency. The double platform design allows one platform to operation, while the other simultaneously feeds materials, thus increasing the working efficiency.

1. Fiber laser cutter with tube cutting and metal sheet cutting process combination save cost and space.
2. A “clean-cut” surface quality is obtained.
3. Reflective materials like aluminum, copper, and brass can be cut with ease.
4. Available for different diameter and length tubes from 20mm-200mm.
5. Little to maintenance costs.
6. Consumable part cost is low. The only parts that need to be changed are nozzles, ceramics and protection glasses over long periods. There are no other consumable costs.
7. The lifetime is over 100,000 working hours.

Applicable industries: Metal sheet and pipes fiber laser cutter is used in aerospace technology, aircraft manufacturing, rocket manufacturing, robot manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, ship manufacturing, sheet metal cutting, kitchen furniture, electronic components, automotive parts, cooling, ventilation pipes, signs, metal, and other metal parts processing industry.

Applicable materials: Metal sheet and pipes fiber laser cutter is used for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting.

ModelWL-D laser cutting machine
Fiber LasersIPG, Germany/Raycus / SPI
Output power1000W/ 1500W /2000W/ 2500W/3000W/4000W/5000W/6000W
Input voltage380V±10% 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Laser beam quality<0.373mrad
Min. Cutting line width≤0.15 mm
Max. speed140m/min
Cutting size3000×1500mm /4000×1500mm/4000×2000mm/6000×1500mm/6000×2000mm
Repetition accuracy≤±0.02 mm/m
Applied MaterialsMetal, stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron
CNC laser metal cutter

Dual use of one machine

Can cut metal sheet and pipe in one machine, save costs, but increase efficiency by 5-10 times.

Electric chuck

The chuck automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the tube type, diameter, wall thickness, etc., the thin tube is not deformed, and the large tube clamp is tight.

Fast speed, cutting speed of 90 meters per minute.

Speed 180R/min.

Electric chuck
Laser source of Wonder Laser

Raycus/IPG/SPI/MAX Fiber laser source

  • High output power
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Compact design and durability
  • High electro-optic conversion efficiency
  • External computer connection port
  • Adapt to high-reflection material cutting

Imported Raytool laser head— Auto focus, free your hands

Stable light, good durability.
Applicable to various focal lengths, which are controlled by the machine tool control system. Focal point will be automatically adjusted in the cutting process to achieve the best cutting effect of different thicknesses sheets metal,enhance cutting accuracy.

Raytool laser head

Fiber Laser metal machine cutting sample

Metal sheet laser cutting sample
Metal sheet laser cutting sample
Metal sheet laser cutting sample
Metal sheet laser cutting sample