Reasonable using of fiber laser cutting machine not only helps to improve work efficiency but also saves a lot of resources. Therefore, selecting the suitable fiber laser cutting machine has become a crucial point. So what do we usually need to know and master before selecting?

  • It should be as far as possible to select processed products that can achieve good efficiency within the working range.
  • The operating point is in a relatively high-efficiency range. And its efficiency is often affected by cutting mode, plate, thickness and so on.
  • ¬†Choose the fiber laser cutting machine with simple structure, convenient maintenance, few wearing parts or perfect after-sale. This involves the characteristics of the product itself and the service level of the manufacturer. Its operation failure is inevitable, so a product that is easy to maintain can obviously be used with ease. Otherwise, once a failure occurs, a long maintenance waiting time is needed, and its impact on subsequent production.
  • The strength of the applicable environment, such as the harsh environment, the anti-corrosion ability, dust level, etc., need to be considered.
  • Consider cost performance, of course, this may be the focus of many users in the selection process of fiber laser cutting machines. However, this point is based on the above factors before a complete comparison can be made. When the overall performance is satisfactory in all aspects, it is necessary to consider the purchase cost, use cost, maintenance cost, etc..