What is a Laser?

Laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.”

What is the Laser Characteristics?

Lasers are different from other light sources (such as the sun, incandescent or fluorescent lighting, and so on) in the following ways.

1. High Monochromaticity

Ordinary light is made up of multiple colors (wavelengths, or frequencies). Compared to ordinary light sources, the frequency range (number of colors) of laser light is extremely small. This characteristic is called monochromaticity.

2. High Directionality

Ordinary light emanates in all directions. Laser light is focused in a single direction with very little divergence.

3. High Coherence

Laser light consists of light waves that are not only the same wavelength but are also phase-linked with each other. This is called coherent light.

4. High Convergence

Compared to ordinary light, laser light can produce much more intense energy in a much smaller area, due to its high monochromaticity and directionality.

What are Laser Markers?

A laser marker is a device for labeling physical surfaces, without physical contact, using laser energy. Recent laser markers enable editing the label data (letters and graphics) on a computer, using graphics utilities. In addition to labeling, they are also used widely for drilling holes, cutting, trimming, and detailed processing.