What is UV laser marking machine?

UV Laser is advanced laser technology, Our UV laser marking machine can mark all kinds of materials. The latest UV laser source is designed for the high accuracy marking, the marking result just like the print performance. The UV laser source does not only extend the laser machine service life but also make the degree of power instability reduce to less than 3%. Short pulse width, high peak power make the laser could achieve flow line marking standard.

What are the features and benefits of UV laser marking machine?

The UV Laser Marking System 2W and 3W options are high accuracy laser machine, perfectly suitable high precision, high-speed permanent mark, and code on all kinds of materials. The 2W UV Laser machine can suitable most marking applications, however, the 3W UV laser marking machine can be better if you’re looking for deep and clear coding.

Highly versatile and offers high-precision marking;
Marks all surfaces with a min. line width of 0.01mm;
Bar Code/2d Code marking possible High-speed marking of up to 7000mm/s;
Supports high-definition logo and image marking;

No fear of shock during operation;
Superior quality laser module (working life 50000 – 100000 hours);
Ability to work 24/7 continuously;

Efficient water cooling system;
The high-speed flow pump offers working stability;
Standard CE certification eliminates all risk for users;

Easy to move and operate;
Maintenance free;